Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My First Full Sets

I know you all miss seeing my own nails lol but sadly they are bare at the moment.  So here are the nails I've done recently:

This is a set of gel nails with tips that I did for my boyfriends niece.  They are probably still a bit long for her but I was relatively happy with how they turned out.

And a close up shot.  The tips weren't all a perfect fit since I only had 20 tips work with in my kit, but I did try shaping them to fit.  I really need to practice getting faster at it - this set took me 2 hours!

This is my boyfriends sisters nails - sculpted gels.  I had a rough time with this one, I see many imperfections and I'm definitely not ready to charge for these yet.

It took me 2 and a half hours to do these nails.  I really struggled with the shaping since she likes them more rounded.  She was happy with them though.

These were a pretty good test for me to see if I am capable of doing this professionally.  I definitely would not want to do 2 sets in one night again that's for sure.  There is a bit of satisfaction when I'm done though.  They both oohed and aahed over all the glitter and embellished nails I had on display so it's likely they'll both come back for something a little more funky.  The french is so much harder to perfect than other designs.



  1. You did awesome! You have learned so much already so cool!

  2. They look very nice :-) I've done my own,and these look way better than what I do to my nails.