Monday, October 29, 2012


Some people just can't break old habits no matter what you try.

My Mother is a nail biter.  I won't post her age but I will tell you that she has bitten her nails for decades.  I actually inherited this trait from her but I quit in my early 20s after watching a program about the disgusting crap that lives under your free edge.  So these are her sad nails.  This photo is actually a GOOD photo of her nails since there is normally no free edge at all.  I've tried Shellac on her and it doesn't stay on.  She also constantly has her hands in water.

So about a month ago I decided to help her grow them out and put a gel overlay on her nails.  She came back the next week with several missing!  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the product that was the problem but I fixed it and then refilled her overlay another 2 weeks after that.

She came to me on the weekend asking me to do her nails again.  The overlay was left on only 3 of her nails!  So I give up.  She won't wear gloves while cleaning and she picks at them but she has been very good applying cuticle oil.  I told her I would give her gel extensions and if she ruined them by not taking proper care, I was done wasting my product on her.

I gave her natural tips and cut them super short.  This took me an hour and 15 mins - yahoo!  I'm crossing my fingers that she takes care of them.

And much to my amazement, once I was done I convinced my uber-conservative Mother to do the following:

Happy Halloween!

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