Monday, October 1, 2012

Nail School Part 2

This week at school we learned gel extensions.  We did a simple gel overlay, gel overlay with tip, sculpted gel and fiberglass.

On the left is the sculpted gel and on the right is the fiberglass with natural colored tip.  I had a bit of trouble applying the tip and ended up getting a pocket of air between her own nail and the tip.  I did not like doing the fiberglass nail at all and it's likely I won't ever do them anyways.

Here's another view of the nails.  I'm sure it will come as no surprise to any of you but I absolutely loved doing the sculpted gel!  I am clearly much better at the gels than acrylics and I found it so much easier to do from application to finishing - loved it!  We get to choose which type of nail we will do for our final exam and it will almost certainly be sculpted gels for me.

I also picked up a set of acrylic paints and I dabbled a little bit in one stroke last week.  It's probably not something I'd do often but I'd like to have samples around to give people the option.  I really only liked the two on the ends.

So I'm thinking I might try out a gel overlay on my own nails.  I like the idea of the reinforcement on my own nails plus I can do all the polishing and Shellac over top with no issues.  The only thing I really dislike about the hard gels is that they're only removable by filing and when you have thin and weak nails like I do it's pretty scary trying not to file your own natural nail.  However they'd be near impossible to break and immaculately white again in a few months...hmmm.


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