Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too friggen long!

Two last swatches before my nails hit the chopping block:

Color Club's Beyond The Mistletoe.  I'm pretty sure this is 4 coats.  I needed that many in order to hide the mani underneath!  It also took 2 coats of Seche Vite on top and then it literally peeled off in sheets 2 days later.  Well at least it wasn't a pain to remove like glitter normally is.

I also picked up Revlon's Whimsical when Walmart had them on sale last month.  This is 5 coats!!!! If I ever wear this again I will be using it over a solid base.  I did not like this polish much on it's own.  I just finished getting my nails perfectly white again and it seemed like this polish gave the appearance of stained nails underneath.  I like it much better in this photo than I actually liked looking at it on my nails.

So why did I trim my nails down to shorties again?  Well my little niece just turned 2 and it's friggen impossible to cake decorate with those claws.  So here's the reason I cut them:

More Tinkerbell.  I even bought her some Tinkerbell nail polish for her birthday.  Abby likes Aunti P to paint just her 2 index fingers and calls it 'cool'.


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