Monday, February 13, 2012

Onto the next sog

Sog = Soak off gel :)

After taking a one day break between gel manis here's the next colour:

Red Carpet Manicure in Midnight Affair - 2 coats.  I could have actually used a third coat but I was afraid it would look too black and I really wanted it to be more blue.  I do like this one a lot however it was a major pain to apply.  The only reason being that imperfections are more visible with the dark colours and I'm so anal with my gel manicures.  Ugh.  Love the colour but it really looks like shit.  I could not get clean lines no matter what I did.

So to cheer myself up I went shopping after I did this manicure.

My local Dollar Giant has some new Billie polishes and I picked up a few.  From L-R:
Cosmic - frosty blue with irridescent glitter
Blue - Surprising satin finish
Light Mauve - more like a pinkish lavender, creme polish, nothing special
Mauve - Amazing vibrant purple (NOT Mauve!) with an awesome satin finish
Claire's Magnetix with no labels in pink and silver (which I've previously posted about)

Wow what a shitty photo this turned out to be.  I found these all marked down half price at my local Zehrs.  From L-R:
Sally Hansen HD in Laser, LCD and Spectrum
Nicole By OPI in Me + Blue and I'm a Belieber

It's been quite awhile since I had a haul this size and it feels good lol.


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