Monday, February 20, 2012

Concert nails

I've been slacking on the nail art lately and have also been a little behind in my posting schedule.  2 weeks ago I went to see Megadeth again (along with Motorhead) and decided add a little bit of bling...literally:

I picked up these stickers on clearance at Sally's a long time ago and never tried them until now.

Just an accent over my Gelish Bella's Vampire SOG.  I could never wear this design as a full manicure but I really liked this design.  I thought it would look like little diamonds but it actually came out looking like studs which is way cooler and perfect for the metal show.  Application was super easy, just stick them on and file off the edges.  They stayed on for a few days too.  I wish I'd picked up a couple packs, very nice.

And of course the obligatory shot of Dave...

Almost caught a drum stick this time, dammit!



  1. I must have missed something,and this is totally un-related to this post. I could haves sworn you did a post where you showed how to shove glitter onto the tacky part of the mani before you finish it? Maybe I saw it somewhere else.Off to read some of your other posts. Your blog is becoming an inspiration to me,and sorry for all the wordiness,but when I get done with the Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge,I am going to appreciate that I read your blog.So full of info!

  2. Yeah I probably did mention the glitter method somewhere on here but I don't like to assume that everyone has ready every one of my posts. I will probably sticky this post for easy reference. Thanks for the compliments :)

  3. Haha sorry I meant sticky the gel tutorial...doh!