Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simple mani and an awesome find

This is 2 coats of Essie's Sand Tropez which I picked up for half price during my last trip to the US.  Not my usual type of colour but I don't mind it.  I like Essie's formula but I don't know how they justify the $9 price tag. 

I stamped it with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Bittersweet and konad plate m31.  Finished off with an orange gem on the ring finger.  Simple and classy, just the way I like it.

So a couple weeks ago when I was polish hunting in a nearby city I went to 3 different Winners and came up empty handed!  Ugh I hate how Winners is like that.  But I stopped at my local Winners last week and found these awesome Kleancolor sets:

Top set is a metallic set containing: Metallic Pink, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Purple, Metallic Jungle, Metallic Navy, Metallic Brown. 

I swatched them as soon as I got home over my existing mani:

This was one coat of each over an almost black polish so you can see how amazing these are for stamping.

The second kit contained glitters: Black Out, VIP, Kiss Goodbye, Grand Finale, Karat and Peaceful Heart.

I didn't swatch Peaceful Heart since I already have the full size bottle but the thumb is Black Out and the rest (L-R) are: VIP, Kiss Goodbye, Carat and Grand Finale.  I don't like the strip glitter at all but I love that Carat has large diamond glitter in it.

These sets were $5 at Winners and I think I'm going back to grab another metallic set.  Also I need to find somewhere that sells Kleancolor here in Canada because I really need a full size bottle of Black Out!



  1. I don't know of any stores in SW Ontario that sells Kleancolor polishes, but beautyjoint.com sells Kleancolors for 1.75$ and shipping is fairly reasonable. For 12 polishes shipping is under 10$.

    And if you are in the Toronto area, nailXchange (http://nailxchange.blogspot.com) found two places that sell Kleancolors:



  2. Helen you seriously rock! Thanks for the link, I've just ordered a bunch lol. Funny though, I initially thought of ordering them to my sis's place in Delaware and shipping was $10 in the US but the shipping option for Canada was cheaper at $9.66!? And yeah I've emailed nailxchange already as I'm going to be in the TO area on the weekend. Thanks!