Monday, July 11, 2011

Definitely Not So Blueberry

Seriously WTF Revlon?  It ain't blue and it sure as hell doesn't smell like blueberries.  This took 3 coats for full coverage.  The photo doesn't show it but it has a subtle pink shimmer.  If you're on a diet and trying to stay away from sugar then by all means wear this polish!  It smells like sugar.  In fact after about 15 minutes of wearing it I wanted to throw up from the sweet smell.  I even added 2 top coats, a stamped coat and a glitter coat and it didn't reduce the smell at all.

I stamped with Pure Ice's First Time - a moss green chrome polish, and plate BM202.  It pretty much turned out to be a hot mess so what else could I do but add glitter right?

My camera hates holo glitter for some reason.  It can't focus properly.  Anyways, this is a coat of Savvy in Tinsel which is pretty much a dupe for China Glaze's Fairy Dust.  I did actually wear this for a day because I was too lazy to take it off but Not So Blueberry will be going to my sister just like all the other polishes I hate ;)



  1. Haha.. I'm sporting a polish right know that's called I'm not a kiwi! What is it with polishes that are going to state something they're not? :p

    I do actually like your stamping on this one! :)

  2. Your commentary gave me a giggle. Yeah, I'll definitely pass on this one. If I want to smell nice I'll wear perfume.