Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeling bitchy today

Warning, long rant ahead...but let's take a look at this first:

This is L'Oreal Resist and Shine #737 which is described as black with a khaki shimmer.  One coat.  It looks pretty much black at almost every angle.

I stamped it with Essence Just In Case and BM16.  Simple and subtle...I like it.

So now onto the bitching...
I'm annoyed again with some bloggers.  Maybe I should stop reading them and just look at all the pretty pictures.  When the Justin Bieber polishes came out I read a lot of comments on them - mostly negative.  Some bloggers even said they were 'ashamed' to own a JB polish!  This infuriated me really.  So his music isn't your cup of what?  It's not mine either.  But there is no doubt that JB is an incredibly talented kid and a great role model for young people.  Music aimed at young girls always seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes.  I can understand that the JB line of polish gave pause to most people at first because he's a guy, but the best thing about that polish (besides some great colours) was that part of the proceeds were given to a charity.  I don't typically give a crap what is on the label if I like the polish.  But to say that you're ashamed to own it because you 'don't like' the person whose face is on it?  Ridiculous.  If anyone has a good reason why JB is so terrible I'm all ears.

Now this new Kardashian line that everyone is fawning all over is the inspiration for this rant.  Yeah people seem to be really excited over this, granted I don't know a whole lot about their family but what I do know (besides the fact that they are famous for nothing other than being rich) is that one of them is an unwed young mother, one of them has a sex tape and their father got OJ off, correct?  Now this is not my own personal opinion, but a lot of people consider some of what they've done as immoral.  So how come it's cool to buy a polish with their name on it but it's such a crime to own a Justin Bieber polish?

So yeah I don't necessarily like the Kardashians but if I like the colours I'll probably buy a couple.  Why?  Because I love polish of course!  Isn't that why we're all here?

Be nice dammit :)


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