Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to extend the life of your Nfu Oh 61

I think I've shown this one before but it's China Glaze's Hologram from the Tronica collection, 2 coats.  I actually added a third coat the next morning since it wasn't quite enough.

I did a terrible job freehanding some black tips and then I stamped a little spider on the ring finger using Wet and Wild's Black Creme plus konad plate m1.

While I was wearing Hologram for the first day (I almost always do my stamping on the second day...weird or no?)  I kept thinking that this is probably the perfect basecoat for Nfu Oh 61.  So I decided to try it out:

Only the pinky nail is Nfu Oh 61 (1 coat) over Hologram.  There is also a topcoat on my nails here.  So everyone who said that the Tronica's aren't holo can kiss my ass lol ;)  And wow did this ever extend the life of Nfu Oh 61!  The first time I used Nfu Oh 61 I had chips the very next morning and it was pretty much toast by day 2.  I will be using Hologram under it from now on for sure!


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