Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Epic Win, Epic Win, Epic Win

Epic Win #1 - Awesome metal concert on the weekend with my fave band ever headlining :)  Black nails were mandatory.  I started this one off with one coat of Wet and Wild's Black Creme.

Epic Win #2 - Once coat of Icing's Epic Winning.  The photo sucks but this polish is friggen magical!  The rainbow of colours you get under the light is unbelievable.  I didn't bother to stamp it.  I got tons of compliments on this and could not stop staring at my nails.

Epic Win #3 - An awesome fellow blogger shared with me the location of an amazing warehouse where I procured these little bottles of happiness.

From L-R: White Turquoise, Coral Amber, Emerald Amethyst and Golden Cinnabar.  The best part?  There were fifty cents each!

L-R: Valentino, Night Hydrangea, Showtime (HOLO!), Night Blooms and Ruby Rays.  Also all .50 each.

L-R: Moonstone, Rhodolite Chrome, Kleancolors in Golden Nirvana and Chunky Silver.  On the far right is a shadow pigment that looks like Orly's Galaxy Girl:

Dry on the left and over primer on the right.  I'm going to use this for frankening.

I did swatch them all but because my pics suck so I'm only posting this one to show you the awesomeness of Showtime.  Just to the right of Showtime is Coral Amber which is not my kind of colour at all but it's holo and will make a great franken. 

I only had about 15 minutes in this store but I could have easily spent hours there.  I walked out with 12 polishes for less than $7!  You can bet your ass I'll be back there eventually.  Damn good week :)


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