Monday, July 18, 2011

DS Illuminate

So there are several salons that I stalk nearby who have 'bargain baskets' of OPI polish.  I've picked up a few gems here and there.  These baskets sometimes have silver-capped bottles but they usually contain DS Classic - a tan scattered holo which honestly doesn't appeal to me much, especially since it's very similar to Color Club's Love em Leave em, which I already own.  But the last time I browsed the basket down near the bottom...there was a polish that looked like DS Classic but wait!

Holy shit how awesome is that?!  This is DS Illuminate.  How the hell did I never see or hear of this polish before?  I'm guessing this color didn't get a lot of love since I'd never heard of it, but I couldn't wait to slap this baby on.

This is 3 coats and this polish is definitely a chameleon...

The green shimmer actually made my nails look dirty most of the time but I loved the look.  There really was only one stamp that was worthy of this colour...

It was a little loud for me to wear outside the house though.  I used Wet and Wild's Black Creme with BM221 and then dotted with Pure Ice's First Time.  This is probably the only time I will ever use that leopard print stamp lol.


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