Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Fun

I love when I get a client who wants something fun rather than just neutral, plain or french like most people want.

This is Gelish Sweet Morning Dew from the Love in Bloom collection with an accent nail in Gelish Mint of Spring.  I found Sweet Morning Dew was very streaky and needed 3 coats but the colours look great on her tan skin tone. 

She tried out a little konad stamp for the first time and loved it.  This came from the konad pro plate 1 - number thirty-something...too lazy to look it up.

Then I did her toes in Gelish Mint of Spring to match her accent nails.  I scrubbed in some clear iridescent glitter on her big toes.

And here it is all together.  Definitely a fun summer look.  I think this is my favorite 'toe look' so far.  I've even done this exact pedi twice now.  The sparkle is amazing outdoors.


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