Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fluorescent fail, marble win

2 coats of OPI Gelcolor in Alpine Snow.  FYI, this polish sucks for french manicures but it's fine otherwise and great for mixing into dark Gelcolors to soften them.  The only good white gel polish I've found for doing french manicures is Shellac Cream Puff - one coat and no shrink back.

So I've gotten better at water marbling HOWEVER....I had intended this to be a fluorescent water marble which is why I started with the white gel base.  I used Bille Electric Yellow, China Glaze Shell-o and China Glaze Heat Index.  Unfortunately the colours didn't come out as bright as I'd hoped.

My thumb turned out the best.  I called this my pink lemonade mani.  Didn't keep it on long since the colours are just not me.  Who would have thought when I started this blog that I would wear something like this?


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