Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Foil Play

So I had an order of nail art come in from China and decided to try out nail foils for the first time.

The glue that came with the foils was total crap so my only option is to use it on Gel Polish.  So here I used 2 coats of Shellac Azure Wish and pressed blue holographic foil into the big toes.  The great thing about this is the Gel Polish doesn't wrinkle the foil like regular top coats do.

I painted her hands in matching Azure Wish in Vinylux with a konad accent.  The verdict on this Vinylux manicure?  It chipped in less than 24 hours!!!  I'm a little bit pissed off at the moment because I've purchased about 10 Vinylux polishes now and they are not living up to the hype.  I'm giving them one more shot - I removed my Shellac and painted my own natural nails with Vinylux last night so there will be a second review coming soon.

I've seen a lot of people bitching about why people are comparing Vinylux to Shellac.  Well besides the fact that it's also made by CND and they have several matching colours...

They claim it lasts 7 days without chips.  They claim Shellac lasts 14 days without chips.  The service (for most places) costs about an additional $10 for Shellac which lasts twice as long.  If Vinylux doesn't last the full 7 days where is the value in that?

Shellac/Gel Polish was a pretty big breakthrough in the nail industry.  Yes there are a cons to it (like removal) and it doesn't work for everyone but for those who use it correctly and take the proper care it is an amazing product.  Vinylux was launched with somewhat similar claims but much less cons than Shellac.

Most of my Clients have Gel Polish and they love it.  If they want to maintain it, it costs them $$ to come in and have me remove and repaint them every 2-3 weeks.  You would think that Vinylux would be a cheaper option for them if they wanted to take a 'break' from Gel Polish every so often, but in fact it's more expensive for them - especially if it chips within the first couple of days. (FYI, your nails don't NEED to take a break from Gels/Acrylics/Whatever - nails don't breathe, it's a myth, look it up cuz I'm too lazy to google it for you)

The Vinylux shine is something I had a major problem with.  Yes Shellac has an ultra high gloss long lasting shine but that's what I'm used to.  Seche Vite doesn't even compare to Shellac but then from my experience so far, Vinylux doesn't even compare to Seche Vite.

What it boils down to is that I always recommend Gel Polish to my Clients.  For those few that can't wear it, Vinylux is supposed to be the next best thing...but is it?


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