Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slow week

I've been pretty busy lately so the nail art has taken a back seat.  I did however end up doing a second design on the Shellac Asphalt mani:

I used Color Club's I Believe in Amour from the Pardon My French collection.  I felt bad that I was neglecting my dotting tools because I really like them, but I went a little crazy here haha :)

Then we took a little last minute trip over the border where I was thrilled to find that we finally got an Ulta!!!

So of course the first thing I went hunting for were the Layla holos.  The Ulta I went to in Buffalo a few weeks ago didn't have them.  There was a full display at this one and this little mofo is officially the most expensive non-soak off polish I've ever purchased at $15.50 for 4.3ml!  So worth it though.

From L-R:
Layla Flash Black
RCM Love Those Baby Blues
RCM Haute Couture
Pure Ice Pussy Cat
Pure Ice Silver Mercedes

The Pure Ices were from Walmart and they are just backups.  Also in the background you can see I found the stamping set at Big Lots for $6.50 which contained these plates:

The full-image plate is a joke, the designs won't even cover my pinky, but 4 usable plates for $6.50 ain't bad.

So anyways, yeah it's a pretty good bet that Layla Flash Black will be my next manicure.

Now if only Port Huron would get a Chipotle I'd be all set ;)


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