Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm jumping on

the bandwagon :)  Even though I pretty much hate all things 'trendy' there was an old polish in my drawer calling my name...

And holy shitty camera Batman!  This is yellow, not green!  It's Billie Electric Yellow in 2 coats over a coat of Billie French White.  It's a crazy fluorescent yellow with a bit of awesome hidden pink shimmer.  It dries satin like above but with top coat you can see a bit of the pink...

I did a rush job on this and it chipped the next day but my nails were glowing like crazy.  Too bad the camera couldn't capture the correct colour.  Billie has a whole line of fluorescent polishes like this and they're pretty awesome for a buck!

Since I haven't posted in so long I've got a couple of small hauls.

L-R: Rimmel Burgundy Flirt, Steel Grey
Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge, Wined Up and Brilliant Bordeaux
Rimmel Night Before

Total cost - $15 including taxes.  One of our Great Canadian department stores has met it's demise and are closing all across Canada.  Ok well Zellers isn't really a great store which is why they are closing lol.  Zellers is like if you mixed a Target with a really ghetto Kmart.  They are actually being replaced by Target and people are so excited up here and I can't understand why.  I've been to Target in the US and I don't like it.  I've always said it's just a cleaner version of Zellers - they carry the same brands and have similar pricing structures.  Even the new Marshalls stores up here are just cleaner Winners.

And now I've convinced you all that Canadians are just dirty.

So Sally's had their 50% off clearance items last week and even though I didn't score any Gelish, I did luck out on some China Glazes.  L-R: Cling On, Smoke and Ashes and Agro.  Total price just under $10!  Yeah the magnetic polish was actually $1.65!!!

And here it is slapped over my gel mani.  This is the only polish I wore on top of my Night Reflection manicure since you can see that the sticker on my ring finger is raised quite a bit.  This was faulty application though, it was raised but still hard as a rock.

I'm not sure what's in store here for the coming weeks.  There is a lot going on and my nails are a peeling mess but I promise I won't be abandoning the blog.  Just taking it easy for awhile.


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