Friday, May 4, 2012

I lied

I know I said my next post would be the Layla holo but I decided I'm going to try it as a soak off sandwich instead.  So for the quick break in between:

This is one coat of Essie's No More Film.  Great dark purple colour that tends to look blue in most photos.  I love that this was only one coat.  I also had to shorten my nails a bit again because they're a bit thin and peeling at the moment.

I've had this thing lately for pink on dark colours and so I added a layer of Essie's A Cut Above.  The colours look much better together in real life.  I'm hoping this is a non-staining colour but I've smartened up and started using base coat on my nails anyways.

When I take a short break from soak offs I'm always amazed at how thin and easily breakable my natural nails are.  Before using soak off gels I would get breaks monthly but I think I've had maybe 3 breaks since October and they're so much easier to deal with because instead of trimming them you can apply gel polish right on top of the break to seal it.  However, I'm thinking it may be a problem for me if I ever stop using the gels...



  1. Well, I thought I'd leave this comment here.How do you get to stamp images to transfer so well? I've watched Youtube after youtube video tutorials,and no matter what,I haven't been able to get my stamps to transfer very well.It's a shame,since I own so many stamping plates,both Konad,and Bundle Monster.

  2. I just started using Sensationail and the instructions say to buff your nails as a prep for gel polish. I did some research and found that you do not have to buff prior to application - and some even suggest that you never buff - and see how the SOG wears for you before buffing. I did it the first time and have not since. I am on my 3rd application and it is working out fine - as a matter of fact, I am having a hard time getting it off!

    I don't want to thin my nails out so I will not be buffing again.

  3. Thalie - what exactly are you having a problem with? Usually it's the polish you're using to stamp with that causes problems. Also images with the really fine lines in them I find only really work well with the original konad polish.

  4. ggggg - I love to see more girls getting into the soak offs! I never buff my nail surface. I know that some soak off brands tell you to buff beforehand, but my nails are naturally super thin and I would never buff them. I gently file the shine off the top coat before removal, but that's as close as I get. I had issues with removal when I used the Gelish base coat but now I always use Shellac - it's the easiest for removal.

  5. It was a Bundle Monster plate with a peacock on it,I used Konad polish and when it didn't work I used China Glaze Harmony. Then I also used a full image plate from Bundle Monster. It turns out the full image plate stamps ok,but it won't cover my whole nail,to which I say I will have to cut my nails down.After I went to all that trouble to grow them out.