Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gel marble and quickie swatch

From my recent haul this is China Glaze Smoke and Ashes:

The bottle flashes these awesome teal/purple/orange colours that just don't show up on the nail unfortunately, but I still like the colour.

I decided to add a little oomph to it:

With a coat of Nfu Oh 40.  I don't wear these as often anymore sadly since they tend to stick in the gel polish, but with a coat of regular polish under them it's not a problem.

So then I did a new soak off gel manicure.  I painted one coat of Ez Flow TruGel in Racy Red.  Then I painted a second coat of it but before I cured it I added a stripe of Shellac Asphalt right down the middle and then a stripe of Gelish Good Gossip (red sparkle) down one side.  I used a striping brush to try and create a marbled effect and dusted it with a tiny bit of charcoal glitter.  It seems to me that this gel mani didn't take as long as it normally does but that's probably because I'm anal and knew this would have a messy look to it so I didn't take as much care as I normally would.

I got quite a few compliments on this.  I really like the marbling effect but I'm not crazy about the colours I used.  I may try out this technique again someday.


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