Friday, December 2, 2011


Today I'm feeling a little better about posting my naked nails.  Here they are 2 months ago before I started the Soak Off Gel obsession:

And here they are now, after several gel manis and some intense scrubbing in between:

I still have a little bit to go but it's a MASSIVE improvement, no?  The ugly pink sparkly Gelish I wore 2 weeks ago is the reason for the peel marks so that should be gone shortly.

Since I was having a good nail day, what's better than a nice clean french manicure?

1 coat of Shellac Romantique, cure
Freehand white tips with Shellac Cream Puff, cure
1 coat of Shellac Negligee, cure
1 coat of Gelish Top It Off, cure

This took me about half an hour longer than a standard gel mani.  I'm kind of anal and was having issues getting my tips straight enough.

I stamped it with Wet and Wild Black Creme and BM04 with a small pink gem and a random top coat.  I love how professional the Shellac french looks.  Makes me think maybe I should quit my day job lol.


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  1. Wow, fabulous nail growth and no more staining! Love the french mani too.