Thursday, December 8, 2011


This post just couldn't wait til Friday.

I've pretty much proven here how much I suck at water marbling but whenever I do one I always think that using water would be a good method to apply those troublesome layering polishes.  You know...the ones you think would look really awesome if only you could get it thin enough and even enough?

So last night after several failed water marbling attempts I decided to finally give water layering a try.  And what better polish to use than the most troublesome polish of all?  Nfu Oh 61!

So I started with my Gelish Ooba Ooba Blue mani as the base, put one drop of Nfu Oh 61 in the water, let it spread out evenly and dipped.  It did exactly what I was going for...turned my blue manicure into an awesome holographic one!  There's no way I could achieve this by simply painting a coat of Nfu Oh 61 over my polish like normal.

I didn't even bother to tape my nails in advance.  The layer was so thin and light I just swiped the excess off with a q-tip dipped in remover.

I messed up slightly on one finger on my right hand - the middle one - because I didn't let the polish spread properly in the water so you can see that it's thicker on that one finger.  Obviously you can see that a second dip would have made this even more holo, but I was pretty happy with the results anyways.

I took tons of photos because I was thrilled with how well this turned out.  It was actually pretty easy to dip more than one nail at a time too so I had less wasted polish.  All the photos above also have a top coat on them which I don't think diminished the holo at all.

So I think this is an amazing way to create holographic manicures in any shade I want and also extend the life of my precious expensive bottle of Nfu Oh 61.  I cannot wait to try this with other colours and also try out different layering polishes!



  1. wow, wonderful! I love a light holo effect... the first coat of nfu-oh 61 tends always look so good :D

  2. What a really cool idea!! I just love holos!