Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As if that pink Gelish manicure could get any worse...2 days later the colour started turning brown:

I'm seriously considering sending in a complaint.  As the week wore on it started turning green!

So anyways, I decided to cover it rather than soak my nails in acetone twice in one week.

Besides, I'd been meaning to try a regular nail polish sandwich anyways.  So this is Nfu Oh 61 on top.  I put a coat of China Glaze Hologram underneath so I could save my Nfu Oh 61 by only painting one coat.  By the way, this is the new formula that everyone has been complaining about for some reason.  Yes it's kind of chunky to work with and yes there's no visible holo in the bottle but it still comes out amazing on the nails!

After it dried thoroughly I painted Gelish Top Coat on it and cured it.  Then I stamped it with China Glaze's Bogie and plates BM224 and konad m53.  Unfortunately this did not stay on my nails.  When I wiped the designs off with non-acetone remover, it also took off some of Nfu Oh 61.



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