Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another new brand

There are a lot of brands that are much easier to find in the US but almost non-existent in Canada.  Barielle was one of those brands I was happy to find last week and now I've found another - Nubar.

I think it was Scrangie's blog I was reading last week when she mentioned a Canadian etailer - Pretty Indulgent.  So I went to check it out and was thrilled to find Nubar (although she's sold out of Reclaim).  I was even more thrilled to find the clearance section and wait, what?  A red matte polish?  I have been lusting over Zoya's Posh forever and last time I ordered from Zoya it was out of stock.  So I figured this clearance red matte Nubar would satisfy me and boy did it ever!  From L-R: Nubar Contempo, Avant-Garde, Twilight Matte and OPI Glow Up Already.  All for $4.50 each and shipping took exactly one week.  She also threw this soap sample in the box and although I appreciate freebies, and on an order comprised entirely of clearance items no less, boy did it stink and not in a good way.  It said it's a mix of dark chocolate, raspberry and sandalwood.  Sounds nice, but it's not really.  It was a very sickly sweet scent to me.  I think I'll throw it in the Princess's stocking :)

Here they are swatched L-R: Glow Up Already, Avant-Garde, Contempo and Twilight Matte.  See how Contempo glows?  Love it!

This is 2 coats of Contempo over my gel mani.  On bare nails I think it probably only needs one coat.  The more my gel mani grows out, the harder it gets to polish over it and it's almost impossible to get nice clean lines.

So I figured what the hell, the Christmas shit is already out at the stores so why not do Christmas nails?  After all, Contempo is the perfect base for a Christmas manicure and I was also dying to use my new China Glaze.  So the accent nail is a coat of China Glaze Twinkle Lights with a matte coat over it.  The stamping is Orly Luxe and Konad m14.  I know I've said in the past I'm not a fan of the multi-glitter and it's true, but I do like the ones that only contain about 3 different colours and also - I love Christmas :)

Anyways, Zoya Posh is now officially crossed off my wishlist.  Nubar Contempo is definitely in my top 10.


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  1. Whoa, a Canadian site for Nubar?
    Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!