Monday, November 14, 2011

Disappointing Gelish

A word of warning to anyone wanting to invest in Gelish polishes - they misrepresent their shades!  From seeing swatches online I pretty much knew the colours were off sometimes but then it happened to me and I'm really not happy about it.

I purchased Gelish Ali Baba's Sim Sala Bim last week at Sally's which clearly showed on the bottle as an amazing plum purple.  Yes I also realized it was a layering polish because I already own one of the Aurora's - Oocha Coocha (which is awesome).  However, this is what it's supposed to look like:

And this is what 3 coats of it over white REALLY looks like:

Fucking pink.  Boooooo!  And it's so sheer that even after 3 coats it's still patchy as hell.  The only thing this colour is good for is layering over really dark polishes, and even then the shimmer is still mostly pink.

So why not pink it up some more right?

I scrubbed in some Martha Stewart glitter which only made it more obvious how pink my nails were.  Somehow I doubt this mani will be staying on the full two weeks.

I think Gelish needs to get their shit together because I honestly feel like I was ripped off here.  That manicure looks NOTHING like the colour on the bottle!

ps. My previous gel mani made it with no problems until day 13!  The only thing wrong with it at day 13 was the regrowth.  Awesome :)


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