Monday, June 18, 2012

No mani today

I'm still wearing my soak off glitter mani but I've got a few items of interest to share anyways.

First up, I noticed all the Dollar Giant stores in my area have become Dollar Trees - yay!  However the stock hasn't changed but I'm hoping we'll see some of the Sally Hansen packs make their way up here shortly.

In Claire's on the weekend I noticed some new polishes that looked awfully familiar....

They are $7.99 (!) each.  Don't they look exactly like the Color Club Take Wing collection?

That's because they are!  Sorry for the crappy photo, it's really hard to be discreet taking photos in stores.  I'm happy to see this but not happy about the price, especially when you can buy a package of 2 of the original Color Clubs at Winners for $7.99 - which I actually saw on clearance for $5 a week ago.

I wish I could tell you where I ordered this from but I didn't get a confirmation email from the website and the paypal transaction lists an asian girls name.  What I can tell you is that I paid $9 for all this, the soak off was $3.50 (it's a tiffany blue).  It was sent from China and took 2.5 weeks.  If this knock off gel turns out to be good I will have to try and figure out where I ordered it from so I can get some more.

But then it may not really be necessary because...

I found OPI gels!  My bf moved to new place in Mississauga and I noticed a Nail Salon Supply in his area.  When I finally made a trip to the store it turned out they were closed on Saturday which means a couple of things good and bad.  Good - they are an actual salon supply so they likely had soak off gels at great prices.  Bad- they may not sell to non-pros.  So I sent the bf in with a list and he called me right away saying he was pretty much lost and I needed to go in myself.  I told him to pass the list on to the clerk and while she was looking for them he spotted a display of OPI Gelcolor!  And lucky me, they actually sold them to him along with a bottle of Shellac I forgot to take a photo of.  The Shellac was only $13 which is even cheaper than the ones I ordered from Amazon!

I am seriously dying to take a trip to this place myself!



  1. Hi there, do you know what the nail supply is called? I'd love to find gel color at a decent price! Ps: loving your blog, I'm a bit of an addict myself.

  2. Hi Lunachick, shoot me an email and I'll send the info to you. I assume you're referring to the place in Mississauga? I'd rather not share it publicly since they are a pro supply. Thanks!

  3. Yes I am! I'm not sure What your email addy is. Just tried clicking on your profile as well as the home page. I might be a bit slow as I'm low on sleep these days :/ dreaming of nail colours lol.

  4. My email is my blog name - all one word no spaces at gmail dot com. I actually finally made a trip there on the weekend and they've got a decent selection of both gel and regular polishes at great prices.

  5. If its OK, I'm gonna message you too. I'd be interested to know what other non familiar brands are there as well as there are some Sation polishes that look cool tool!

  6. Sorry, but I tried emailing you a while ago, is the "friggen" included in your email addy? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lunachick, yes it does. Make sure you've got both f's in it :)