Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So confession time: I've been in the US for the past 2 weeks visiting my sister.  We were keeping it a secret because she came back with me for a surprise visit.  So now that I'm home I can show you my awesome haul which I'm super excited about since I hauled a lot of soak off gels!

I'll start with the regular polishes first.  From L-R:
Spoiled Ants In My Pants - $2 at CVS
Sinful Colors Cinderella - $2 at CVS
Sally Hansen Princess Cut (Flakie) - $1.50 at Walgreens
Love & Beauty Olive/Gold - I think $2 at Forever 21
Love & Beauty Midnight - Same as above
Love & Beauty No name gold with holo glitter - $.99 at Forever 21

Chameleon Blue Sky - $4 at CVS
Justice Magnetic Blue - $5.50 at Justice
Kleancolor Holo Green - $1.50 random beauty supply
Essie Aruba Blue - $3 at Walmart

Revlon Emerald - $1.51 at Kmart
Revlon Hazy - $1.51 at Kmart
Icing Evergreen - $2 at Icing
Icing Emerald - $2 at Icing
Icing All That Glitters - $2 at Icing

Borghese Limoncello - $2 at CVS
Borghese Carnavale Grape - $2 at CVS
Borghese Stellar Notte - $2 at CVS
Wet n Wild Speak When Spoken To- $2.99 at Walgreens
Wet n Wild The Crown Is Mine - $2.99 at Walgreens

Zoya Yara - Free from Zoya's last promo
Zoya Veruschka - Free from Zoya's last promo
Gelish Good Gossip - $11.95 at Sally Beauty
Gelish Amazon Flirt - $3.99!!!! at Sally Beauty
Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz- 2/$1 at Dollar Tree
Sally Hansen Teeny Greeny Bikini - 2/$1 at Dollar Tree

Sinful Colors Green Ocean - $1.99 at Walgreens
Sally Hansen Black Tie - $2.49 at Rite Aid
Essie A Cut Above - $4.00 at Rite Aid
Sally Hansen White Veil - $5.49 at Rite Aid

Shellac Base Coat (large) - $22.45 from Amazon
Shellac Asphalt - $14.85 from Amazon
Gelish Structure - $11.00 from Ebay
Gelish Vegas Nights (full size) - $12.95 from Amazon

Ez Flow TruGel Lil' Dress
Ez Flow TruGel Racy Red
Ez Flow TruGel Winners Circle
Ez Flow TruGel Frosted Amethyst
$8.95 each from Ebay

The prices on the soak off gels are amazing!  In Canada at the moment all we really have available are Gelish Minis from Sally Beauty and the regular beauty club price is $18.95 for one tiny little .25 oz bottle!  The ones I ordered from Amazon are double the size for half the price!  How is that fair?

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I returned home to find a gel polish for sale in a drug store!  Shoppers Drug Mart to be exact and the brand is Quo by Orly (which I'm hoping are repackaged Orly GelFX).  The downside - the bottles are LESS THAN .25 oz (4.4ml) but the price is $10 which makes it seem cheaper but when you consider Gelish Minis are $18.95 at 9ml, they're more expensive than the minis!  I picked up First Class Ticket (which is really Orly Rage) and am crossing my fingers that this is the same stuff! 

As excited as I am to see these in the drug store, I am certain these will fail and can't wait to find them in the clearance bin.  Why you ask?  Well they offer a starter kit, but no lamp.  That will be a big factor in sales since lamps aren't readily available to the average DIYer.  Plus the base and top coat is an all-in-one which makes me very hesitant to try it.  We're on the right track though with the gel nails, bring em on!



  1. I am so jealous of your Borghese especially the Stellar Notte. I have one, but I wish I had another! Great haul!!

  2. Yeah I really scored with Stellar Notte. I noticed all the CVS's we went to were clearing out their Borghese polishes at 75% off. Also, the Sally Hansen Black Tie I bought is a near dupe for Stellar Notte...