Friday, April 13, 2012

New Gels

So I didn't get much of a chance to play with polish during my US holiday, but here is my Shellac layering combo at day 13:

The regrowth looks horrible but there's no chips and it's still super shiny.  This is why I love soak off gels so much.

When I got home I had to shorten my nails since the length was driving me crazy.  I had such a hard time deciding on which of my new gels I would use but I settled on Ez Flow TruGel in Lil' Dress - standard black.  The only downside to this was that it was a bit sheer and took 3 coats.

I decided to add a bit of sparkle with a single coat of Gelish Vegas Nights.  It's pretty much a dupe for China Glaze Fairy Dust - tiny holo glitter.  I'm so glad I bought a huge bottle of this.  My cuticles are in pretty rough shape after my vacation so I've got some work to do there.

I wanted to add a bit of a rant to this post since I've been complaining a lot about us Canadian girls getting hosed on pricing up here.  It's going from bad to worse.  The Canadian Dollar has been hovering around par with USD for a couple of years now.  I know this because I regularly shop in the US and in the last few years the lowest I've seen our $ is at around $.96 per US dollar.  Right now it's just about even.

So now you understand why, when I walked into Winners last week I almost flew into a rage when I saw new Color Club sets priced at $14.99!!!  Color Club sets are normally priced at $12.99 at Winners.  And all you US girls know that they are $7.99USD at your local Ross/Marshalls/whatever.  Marshalls also just recently opened a few stores here in Canada and I haven't been yet, but I will report back when I do and you can bet your ass they aren't $12.99 or less there either. 

And let's talk about Sally Beauty and their prices on Gelish.  Girls in the US are already complaining that the Mini's are extortion at $12.95USD.  So is $18.95CAD really a fair price here?  I say fuckin' bullshit to all of this!  As much as I'd love to spend my hard earned Canadian dollars IN Canada, retailers here are really making it impossible.


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  1. ITA,on those outrageous prices,especially for the ColorClubs! The regrowth doesn't look bad.It just makes your nails look longer :-)