Monday, October 17, 2011

More UV Gel Experimenting

Since I had such a hard time removing the Gelish Foundation last time, I decided to go back to the Shellac Base Coat for this manicure.  I then painted 2 coats of Shellac Red Baroness.  I like red but this is too diva for me.

So I decided to go crazy with it and painted a coat of Gelish Oocha Coocha Bing Bang Bam - Alakazy Alakazam over it.  I would describe it as a sheer glass flecked type polish meant for layering.  It's teal in the bottle but mostly green on the nail with flashes of gold, teal and blue.

It's an interesting combo for sure.  Unfortunately when I bought this polish I wasn't really thinking that I only have pink and red toned  Shellac and Gelish so far.  It's like one of those ugly pretty colours where you can't really decide which colour it is...I like it!  I used the Gelish Top It Off top coat this time and I'm crossing my fingers that this is the combo that will work for me.  If I chip in less than 7 days I think I will cry.


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