Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A layering experiment

So I was cringing while removing that Kleancolor Metallic Purple konad from my Gelish manicure.  I should have guessed it would stain since it stained my friggen stamp!

I'm actually beginning to wonder if it's going to be a real problem painting over Shellac/Gelish.

Well I might as well keep trying anyways right?

So I painted over it with LCN Magnetic polish in Iron Magic.  I found this polish really goopy and wasn't happy with the application nor the magnet effect this time around.

So I wondered what it would look like if I layered over the magnetic polish and I used Sally Hansen HD in DVD here.  I think this polish needs it's own tag since I use it in pretty much every layering experiment.  I like this a lot but it sadly you can't see much of the magnet effect anymore.

So I know you're probably thinking 'holy shit that's a lot of layers of polish', right?  I've got on 4 coats of Gelish infused with glitter, 1 thick coat of magnetic polish, 1 coat of DVD plus a top coat.  It's really not noticeable at all.  It's surprising to me too actually.


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