Monday, October 3, 2011

A chick on a mission

And my mission is to get rid of this damn yellow staining.  I never thought I'd actually post this but nails are gross underneath all that polish.

Admittedly I only use base coat about 30% of the time so it's my own fault for letting them get this bad.  I know this will be a somewhat slow process to get them white again but once I do, I won't let this happen again.  So I soaked them in lemon juice for 10 minutes then gave them a scrub with baking soda and a toothbrush.

Then I lightly filed the surface.  My nails are fairly weak so I didn't want to go crazy on the filing and make them too thin.  So you can see that this will probably take 3-4 rounds of this to get them white again.

But in the meantime to protect them...

I Shellac'd (is that the right word? lol) them with a translucent colour.  I used base coat, 1 coat of Romantique, 2 coats of Negligee and then top coat.  I had a much better experience with application this time around.  My free edges are capped off nicely too.  Now this still looks a little yellow but it's really mostly the lighting because I wore this manicure to work the next day and there was no yellowing visible at all.

I wanted to use a translucent shade so that it would help hide the yellowing and it did a good job I think.  This is so funny to me because I have had crazy polished nails every single day for the last year.  I actually kinda like it.  Pretty soon my nails should be naturally white again and I may even be able to leave the house with absolutely nothing on my nails!


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  1. They look great with the Shellac. I am sure after I few more rounds of lemon juice, baking soda, and growing a bit they will look awesome!