Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing with additives

The last trip we recently took to the US, we went to Buffalo.  We typically go to Port Huron, Michigan but we had to drop someone off at the airport in Buffalo this time.  We've found that Buffalo shopping sucks other than the fact that they have a Chipotle!

This trip was no exception.  I purchased the OPI Gelcolor Matte Topcoat and when I got home found it was hardened and unusable.  But fortunately I begged the girls at Cosmoprof in Canada to let me exchange it for this - OPI Gelcolor Wooden Shoes Like to Know.  I'm curious...does the rnp version of this drop the 's' because that's just weird?  Anyways, I thought this was a creme finish but it actually has a subtle shimmer.

I also picked up the Forbidden Additive Collection in the US and decided to try out Burning Ember over some striping tape.

I probably could have done a better clean up job here but eh whatever.  There's just something a little off about this colour combo for me.  I'm not sure why, but I seem to have a really hard time coordinating colours, it frustrates me.

Also when I got home from this US trip I noticed that one of my shirts still had the friggen ink security tag left on it!  How annoying is that?  Now I have to track down a store here that can remove it for me without damaging the shirt!  You know I learned a long time ago to always twist open nail polish bottles in the store before I buy them since I've been burned before.  I have no idea why I didn't do it this time.  I need to start being extra careful of things I buy in the US because it's not so easy to return!


  1. Awe I didn't know you crossed at Port Huron. :) I live not too far from there.

  2. Hi Rachel, I knew you were in Michigan but didn't realize you were that close! What annoys me most about shopping in Buffalo is no Meijer! I love that place. Since you're a nail pro too maybe you can tell me where the good nail suppliers are? I tried looking them up last time I was there but the only one I could locate was gone/moved. If I knew you were that close years ago I would have asked where you get those awesome Pa polishes from! Unfortunately I don't buy much regular polish anymore.