Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shake it girl, until monkeys fly

One of my biggest annoyances in the nail world is polish names.  I managed to wrap up two of the main offenders in one post/manicure.

Here we have Gelish Go Girl (ok not so bad, right?).  However the accent nail is Gelish Shake it til you Samba and OPI Gelcolor When Monkeys Fly.  Not as long as some of the names but still ridiculous.

I actually really liked this manicure a lot.  And truth be told, I was just dying to use When Monkeys Fly on someone.  Surprisingly it didn't even require a second top coat!  I would wear it myself only I'm not sure if I could live with the glitter for 2 entire weeks straight.  I've yet to hear back from this Client but I've read online that Gelish Go Girl tends to fade.  I will update if I hear back.


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