Friday, November 16, 2012

Speedy Post

I will not be posting much over the next several weeks but here are a few quick shots to share before I leave.

China Glaze Mahogany Magic with 2 coats of OPI's The Man With the Golden Gun 18k top coat.  The accent nail is a really old gold polish with the label ripped off but I love it because it's more like a true gold shade than all the current polishes.  If I hadn't got my Nail Tech certification I never would have purchased the limited edition OPI at $40CAD.  I paid half of that (still friggen expensive!) at CosmoProf.

China Glaze Blue Bells Ring with some random silver polish sponged on and a coat of Revlon Belle on top.

My new fave red!  China Glaze Cranberry Splash.  I love red but it doesn't always go well with my pale skin tone.  This one glows amazingly!

And lastly is a Shellac Rockstar with some dollar store purple glitter and LeChat Hologram Diamond.  Love the sparkle, don't love the colours.  I'm messing around with my Rockstar technique and wasn't happy with this.

I'm wondering if I should have bothered opening up my OPI 18k top coat?  I have a feeling we're going to see it on ebay in a year or so for at least $100...


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