Friday, November 9, 2012

Just some nail art

The Princess of Poo wanted her pink french gels dressed up a bit:

I think this design was from the Showcase Store plates and I have no idea what number it was.  This photographed much better this time around.  The last one almost looked dirty.  I like this much better.

My Mom managed to keep her nails intact for almost 2 full weeks!  She had a chip on her thumb I had to fix but I went ahead and gave her a fill, then gave her two coats of OPI Gelcolor in Thanks a Windmillion.  I'm stunned she actually picked the colour herself.  Then I hand painted some poppies on accent nails for Remembrance Day which is on Sunday.  I think they turned out quite nice.  She's going to visit the Duchess of Doo in Delaware for a week so this is the perfect manicure for her.  She can remove the poppies with non-acetone remover after Sunday and just wear the Gelcolor until she gets home.  I'm hoping they arrive home in perfect condition.  She's been diligent in using her cuticle oil and I'm really happy with how well she's been keeping her nails.


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