Friday, September 7, 2012

PSA - China Suppliers

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you'll know that I'm all about the bargains.  I've mentioned this before in a more subtle way but while I was browsing some nail products today and comparing prices I couldn't help but get a little angry at a certain chinese nail product supplier that is mentioned on pretty much a daily basis in the nail blogging world.  This 'store' is constantly giving out products for review to bloggers and always has 10% off coupons but even with that discount the 'store' is still ripping you off!  You can find the exact same products for often half the price!

I'm not linking to their site here so you can all go google to compare if you like but here are some examples:

100pc fimo canes is $9.41 (on sale) so let's be generous and say you have a 10% off coupon to make it $8.55.  This site sells them 50pc for $2.90 so 100pcs would be $5.80.  This is half of the regular price at the other store.

This site sells them in 25pcs. for $2.14 so that's actually the same price however, they also offer a 10% coupon so that knocks it down to $7.78 for100

(Who really wants to slice 100 friggen fimo canes anyways?  The store linked above also sells them in 5 or 10 for cheap if you just want to try them out with the commitment lol.)

12 Lace Strip Glitter Nail Art (pots of bar glitter) is $6.45 at the 'store'.  I'm not including the 10% coupon because the store below also has one.  This site sells the same item for $3.36!

Oh and look, here's a pkg of 18 for $4.78

Ok one more, acrylic molds on the site are $2.51 each, pick any design there are tons, some are even $2.26!

And here they are ranging from $1.09-$1.18, yeah half price

Oh but wait, here's the one I actually bought that includes 6 molds for $3.99 and don't forget that 10% off coupon I used

I have found nothing in that 'stores' site that is cheaper other than by a few pennies.  I have ordered twice each from both of those sites I've linked above with zero problems and had my order delivered in 2 weeks.  They both have free shipping no minimum and the buyincoins site always has valid coupons with a quick google search.

I know a lot of girls think they're getting a bargain from that 'store' when they're really not so I'm hoping I can help my own readers save a bit of cash.  Oh and fyi, I always use Paypal when ordering from China ;)


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  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing the info hadn't heard of the buyincoins before will definitely be checking them out!