Friday, September 7, 2012

Glitter Bomb

This is the post in which I dump all the glitter I own over my nails lol.

(In my best Julie Chen voice) But first....

I've been using Shellac/Soak offs for an entire year now so I feel I have to post a 'state of my nails' photo.  Just to prove that Shellac doesn't damage your nails:

I still have a very slight yellow colour to my nails but I am totally comfortable wearing naked nails now.  I haven't done any deep cleaning or buffing to them since my post from last October here:

My nails have always naturally been thin and weak due to 20 years of nail biting but the Soak Offs really haven't damaged my nails or made them weaker than they were previously.  I still have the same problem nails underneath - weak and peeling.  Wearing Soak Offs has helped for the most part to protect them and I don't have breaks as often as I used to.  I can't say enough how much I love this product!

So now on to the next Soak Off mani...

I started with one coat of LeChat Perfect Match in Hologram Diamond and added 2 shades of blue Martha Stewart glitter in a fade which isn't really visible here.  I then added a coat of Gelish Structure (clear builder gel) and added a few iridescent blue hearts and some silver hex glitter.  I topped it off with 2 more coats of Gelish Structure and finished it with Gelish Top It Off.  It's still not quite as smooth as I'd like so I may go back and lightly file down the bumps and add another coat of Top It Off.  You can't do that with regular polish!  Another reason to love this shit!

And then for no other reason than wanting to use different glitters, I did the same on my right hand in purple...

I like the purple one better except for the fact that I spilled the glitter a little too far down the nail on this hand.

So the trend-hater is starting a new trend lol...

I thought I would hate this and be afraid to go out in public but actually, I kinda like it.  Now let's see if anyone comments on my two different hands while out in public :)



  1. The blue has a Teal look that I love and purple is my favorite color. Nice mismatched mani! Just tell them you are a nail fanatic and give them the link to your blog. :-)

  2. Yeah the blue is definitely more of a teal colour. I figured if I've got the exact same design on both hands the colour shouldn't be much of a problem right?

  3. This is gorgeous! I love how they are both different colors!

  4. I just found your blog. I love gel polish and am in Canada, so I'm happy to find all of your gel posts! I am wondering about how you put the larger glitter on. Did you put on the Structure, add the glitter and cure? Or did you cure first and then place the larger glitter?

  5. Hi Jeanette, yes my posts have been almost exclusively gel polish related for over a year now and I love it. I also have a huge gel polish info post coming soon. For the larger pieces of glitter it works best to add them over a thin layer of polish/structure. I have a couple of posts that refer to embedding in gel. The most important part is that you add enough gel on top and make sure it's completely smooth when finished. Smaller glitter works best when scrubbed in so that it doesn't end up in your pots/bottles.

  6. Oh something else to remember when doing these extra thick gel manicures...they are much harder to remove. Filing the surface before removal helps a lot but make absolute sure you don't file your nail underneath!