Monday, August 20, 2012

Shifting Gears

I've got a regular nail polish for you today.  I really haven't had much time to do another soak off manicure.

This is 2 coats of LeChat Dare to Wear Hologram Diamond.  I actually bought this colour in soak off gel but it came with a free regular polish.  It's just a medium sized holo glitter but I like it.  This will look great over my soak off gels.

A couple of weeks ago I was bored and swatched my soak off collection...

I have 59 in total!  Can you believe I own that many pinks?  Actually the pinks all came with sets I bought and they are great for my sister and also for everyone else I will soon start polishing because...

I am officially taking a Nail Tech course in September!  I've been doing soak off manicures on the cheap for friends and family only for a little while but I've recently been interested in nail enhancements too and after trying an acrylic set on my Mom I figured that I really should learn proper technique and sanitation so that I don't harm anyone.  The plan is after I'm done the course to start up a little side business as a mobile tech during evenings and weekends.  Maybe I can actually make enough money to pay for my nail habit!  Although I'm a pretty avid bargain hunter, I can safely say that I've easily invested thousands into my nail habit...ugh.  At 59 soak offs that probably average $12 each and over 700 regular polishes that probably average $3 each...yeah do the math.  Not to mention all the accessories - stamping plates, swatch wheels, crystals, stickers etc.  Holy shit am I insane?

So I forgot to post last time that not only did I buy an acrylic starter kit but I also scored some specialty glitter and holographic acrylic powders on Kijiji.

This is both the acrylic kit and Kijiji haul together and I paid $70 for all of it!  I've been a crazy woman on youtube and all over the internet reading up on techniques and creative acrylic uses and can't wait to see what's in store for me at the Nail course!  I'm hoping once I start getting clients and doing nails a lot more I'll be able to post a variety of manicure designs and get back to also posting a lot more often.



  1. that sounds like fun,learning to be a nail tech! I always love seeing all the great stuff you're getting at bargain prices :-)

  2. Exciting news! Looking forward to seeing your posts about nail school!

  3. I've learned so much about SOGs from your posts here. Recently I finally broke down and bought a set up ofmy own, so i love it. Not lovingbthe limited color chooses, there are so few places to buy locally and I don't like the idea of buying online. I love to see the colors in person. Have you tried sandwiching a regular polish between a gel base and top coat?

  4. That's awesome, glad I could help lunablue! There are tons of brands and colour choices if you are willing to shop online. I've ordered polish from at least 10 different online stores and never had a problem. Most of my best deals have come from online classifieds though. Yes I tried a sandwich with Nfu Oh 61 and posted it several months ago. It didn't last long and you have to make absolutely sure that you cover every bit with the top coat or it will rub off.

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