Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm still here

I was on holidays last week, my sister was here for a visit and I had a really bad nail break - that's my excuse, sorry.

Seriously, check out the shorties...

This was after about a week of healing.  My ring finger nail broke so badly it drew blood.  So I haven't painted my nails much the last couple of weeks since I don't want to get any acetone near them.  Anyways, this is 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jade Jump with an accent nail of the silver polish from the Borghese set I picked up at Winners...

I picked this up in the clearance section for $10.  Winners has their final clearance on right now.

I also picked up this Nailtini 4-pack for $5 and the Jessica Smoky Feather for $2.

Then I had a little US haul...

Orly Buried Alive for $2.69 at Sallys, Layla Ocean Rush at Ulta and I couldn't resist the price on that Kardashian set at Ulta for $2.49 plus an extra 20% off.

Meijers was clearing out their CND polishes for half price so I grabbed Amethyst Sparkle and Raspberry Sparkle for $5.50 each.  Walgreens had the Sally Hansen Salon in Loves Me Not in the clearance bin for $3 and the Insta-Dri's were BOGO 1/2 so I got In A Flurry and Freeze for $5.50 because I used a couple of coupons on top of that.  This was probably my smallest US haul in 2 years lol.

My sister also brought me some things I ordered online awhile ago which included a pro kit for acrylic nails since I'm the queen of DIY.  I attempted my first set on my mother who is a chronic nail biter:

I still need plenty of practice and I need to go back and fix a few things, but I think I did ok for my first attempt.  I used the reverse method here but I probably won't do that again since it shadowed pretty badly.

And finally, I let my sister paint my gel nails last week and this is about 5 days in.  She did ok but didn't cap my edges very well.  It's 2 coats of OPI Bogota Blackberry with 1 coat of Gelish Good Gossip and then I painted a coat of Layla Ocean Rush on my ring finger.

Phew, I hope this post made up for my absence :)  Hopefully I will be able to find time to polish more often again.


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