Monday, April 4, 2011

Well no friggen wonder...

This polish was found at Big Lots for $2 - Paint and Peel in Crush.  I was surprised to read that it's Canadian.  However I'm not surprised they were selling it at Big Lots.  This is 2 coats and although the finish looks nice here, it's really not.  The texture of it was pretty uneven.

I stamped it with BM20 in OPI's Russian Navy Matte.  And again I should have left it alone haha.  But I had this great idea...

And once again the execution didn't go so well.  The problem was that I bought some really shitty tape and the OPI polish actually ate through it!  I was peeling tons of little polish covered pieces of tape off my fingers and I ended up getting pissed off and freehanding some really uneven lines...oh well.

So the Paint and Peel?  Yeah I peeled it.  You can't put 'peel' in the name of a polish and expect us not to peel it right?  So did it peel off?  Sure.  Did it peel off cleanly?  Fuck no.  Did it damage my nails?  Hell yes!  Will I wear this polish again? Fuck no.  And that is why this polish is sold at Big Lots.



  1. I bought some paint and peel and I am worried about it peeling my nails too!

  2. Too bad, such a pretty color. I've seen the mossy green and pink ones at Big Lots - but I'm not willing to bother trying them out.

  3. Yeah honestly don't bother. I was hoping since it's water based we could use it on my baby niece but since it didn't peel off cleanly...forget it.