Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm still alive

Just lazy is all.  So here's a whopping post for ya.

This is Vinylux in Masquerade with an accent nail in OPI Designer...De Better.

This one is OPI Gelcolor in Lincoln Park After Dark with Shellac Haute Pink Additive scrubbed in and a water decal on the accent nail.  I hated wearing this for some reason.

This is an ugly xmas sweater manicure done in Shellac Red Baroness with konad stamping.

This is a gel rockstar with Martha Stewart glitter (blue), holo glitter and OPI Gelcolor Kyoto Pearl with konad stamping.

This is Shellac Cream Puff with Ice Vapor on top and a holographic glitter accent nail.

This is Gelish Night Reflection with OPI Gelcolor All Sparkly and Gold (Mariah Carey) accents. I stamped 2014 (barely visible) on them in an antique gold random polish.

I wanted to try and create a 'dragon scale' manicure and ended up failing miserably.  I started with 2 coats of Shellac Pretty Poison, then I took some garlic netting, placed it on the nail and brushed on random spots of gold, brown and black mineral shadows.  I topped it off with Gelish Matte coat and you could barely see the effect.

It was somewhat better with a proper top coat but still a fail since you really couldn't see the design unless you looked closely.

And this is the point at which my old blackberry (camera) died so I missed a whole shitload of manicure photos but did take a random few on my crappy phone:

I've been having a lot of trouble keeping my nails from splitting/breaking and decided it was time to change the shape so I started working on growing them almond shaped.  This is Vinylux Gotcha.

This is Shellac Lilac Longing with Iced Coral on top along with zipper water decals and Gelish Seafoam zipper accents.

And here I am rocking the almonds in OPI Do you lilac it? with OPI Designer...De Better accent.  I am testing out the Vinylux Top Coat on different polishes.

I didn't enjoy the round shaped nails I tried awhile back but I am seriously loving the almond shape.  I may just keep them like this.

Sorry I still won't be posting regularly but I will pop in every once in awhile!


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