Friday, May 2, 2014

Little update

I got too busy to post again.  I've slowed down taking Clients and hardly even snap photos anymore if I do.  I've still got this shitty blackberry camera but I'm probably getting a new phone soon, we'll see if that's any better.

I also had to change my photo storage since Flickr demanded I sign up for Yahoo and well, Yahoo demanded I give them my cell # which will happen over my dead body.  Fuck you Yahoo and Flickr for taking my access away from my own photos!  Anyways, this is OPI Gelcolor Black Onyx with red holo foil dabbed on and this pic doesn't do it justice.  I loved wearing this.

I visited my sister in Delaware and picked up the CND Shellac Additives Paradise collection and tried it out over white Gelaze.  I picked up probably 8 Gelaze polishes down there as well for $5 a pop with my pro card when they were bogo in March. They're pretty good value at their regular $11 or whatever they cost anyways.  They are much thicker than other gels but I found they lasted just as long as other gels and no problems with removal at all.  I did test them out with a base coat and they ended up peeling.

Now this one is one of the LeChat Mood Gels in Twilight Skies.  It's neat but not my colour really.

Also while in Delaware I gave my sister gel extensions and painted them with Gelaze.

I've been so bad with taking photos you'll find many of my photos have a weeks worth of wear.This was my first mani with my brand new OPI LED light that I picked up in Delaware for a steal. I can now do my own nails in half the time with the LED light!

I used Gelish Mint of Spring with the new CND Sizzling Sand additive, Gelaze Turned up Turquoise and some silver holo glitter.  This was fun to wear.  Love the Sizzling Sand additive, I've used it several times.

I gave my other sister a crazy neon french with Gelish colours.  Just did a sloppy freehand job on them.

And of course my niece wanted rainbow nails just like mommy.  Even more sloppily done with just Billie polishes.

This one is Gelish Gossip Girl with black additive scrubbed in.

This was the last of my almond shaped manicures.  I'm just too lazy to maintain the shape. But I did really enjoy them.

And lastly I've gone back to my old standard squoval nails. This is OPI Gelcolor Can't Find my Czechbook with CND Additives in Midnight Tide.  Just a crappy rushed job.  Maybe I'll find some more time to post this summer, but then again maybe not.


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